Security Manager Dons Hacker Hat for a Change

By Jude Thaddeus, Computer World |  Operating Systems

However, if you get to know your technical support staff well, it's quitte easy to persuade them to put together a PC from an old kit -- an obsolete CPU here, a battered and dirty keyboard there -- just temporary, you understand. Just for test purposes. At the end of it, you get an old PC that barely works.

What use is that? Not much. But wait for the support guy who gave you the old kit to go off-duty. Then call the help desk and say, "My monitor's not working." Someone will come with a replacement. The following day, grab another passing tech-support person, show him the dirty keyboard, ask for a newer one and so on. Most support teams seem to have spare kits for just this purpose!

Sneaky, but if the alternative is dealing with a nitwit purchasing department, sometimes you've just got to be sneaky.

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