Bank spins off in-house IM software

By Jennifer DiSabatino, Computerworld |  Software

An IDC study conducted earlier this year predicts that about 70% of large
corporations will install IM software during the next 12 months, up from an estimated
6.9% using it now.

If successful, this could become an essential tool for financial services, Mahowald
said, but it isn't clear whether users will make MindAlign their first check point
every morning and use the portal as the primary communications and collaboration
software throughout the day.

Mahowald says he believes the chat lines are secure, partly because UBSSW would be
liable for massive lawsuits, not to mention loss of customer loyalty, if the system
were compromised.

Meanwhile, Konchan, though still at UBSW, keeps tabs on the development of Parlano
software. One future development would be to install artificial intelligence in the
software for smart searches of previous chats.

Now the chat is saved by date and access level.

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