Making Magic On the Web

By Sharon Watson, Computerworld |  Career

Job and salary potential: Holland says Web technology is “boundless” and he can see himself in this position for a long time. Demand—and pay—for Web application skills remain strong, he says, and developers can expect starting pay to range from $40,000 to six figures “if you’re very skilled.” He noted that a colleague in the Bay area is offering Web application developers $100,000 and more to start.

Career path: Being a Web application developer in a Web-based company provides the opportunity to learn about the overall business, as well as the information systems infrastructure, to a detailed degree. “When I get more comfortable with e-commerce, I might want to move into management,” Holland says.

Advice: “Find a company you’ll enjoy working for,” Holland recommends. Know that employers will review and critique the Web sites you’ve worked on to get a sense of whether you’ll fit into their firms.

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