Microsoft, Cisco, others team on wireless security

By Rick Perera, IDG News Service |  Networking

A group of companies, including Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc., is announcing
the implementation of a new security protocol for wireless networks. Cisco will
implement the draft security standard, called 802.1x, on its Cisco Aironet 350
series of 802.11b-compliant WLAN (wireless local area networking) products, the
company said in a statement Monday.

Microsoft, Cisco, and a group of other companies have teamed up on what Cisco
is calling the first enterprise authentication and security architecture based
on the draft 802.1x and EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) standard, published
by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The new standard is meant to address security holes raised by the popular 802.11b,
or Wi-Fi, wireless network standard. Researchers at the University of California,
Berkeley, recently identified weaknesses that could potentially make Wi-Fi networks
vulnerable to hackers.

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