SuSE to cut US staff

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German Linux vendor SuSE Linux AG will cut its U.S. staff by 66 percent, leaving only 15 employees in its California-based subsidiary.

The company will lay off the 30 employees in its U.S.-based e-mail tech support
service, and handle all future support from European offices, SuSE announced

Using cheaper manpower in Europe, the company expects its support staff of
100 to continue offering 24-hour e-mail support, a spokeswoman for the company

SuSE, which opened the Oakland, California subsidiary in 1997, said the move
will not affect the shipment next week of SuSE Linux 7.1, the company's first
release containing the anticipated 2.4 release of the Linux kernel.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the percentage of staff cuts to be at 75 percent. regrets the error.

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