'The job you've always wanted is just a click away!'

By Gerry Crispin, ITworld.com |  Career

Recruiters spending their companies' money on third-party job sites would be well
advised to register themselves as the candidate they seek. Or, to put it another way:
if you want to find one, pretend you are one. In addition to getting a sense of whether
your target audience will use the site, you might also test to find whether or not the
job you (the recruiter) just posted will also be pushed out to you (the candidate) by
Joe job agent. As an added bonus, you'll also get to see the jobs your competitors are
advertising. Comparing these offers with your own opening will be enlightening at the
very least.

As someone who wants to manage a career efficiently and productively, I'm always
looking for an edge. Sites that meet their promises that provide useable information --
and only the information that is requested -- are more likely to build trust and
credibility with the communities they target. As a recruiter, I want to find and work
with these sites -- and only these sites.

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