One more mile to go: Lucent boosts novel TeraBeam scheme |  Networking

New beam in perspective

Still, service providers that buy into TeraBeam's fiberless optical technology with
hopes of living a gigabit dream could wake up to a megabit reality.

Reports on the TeraBeam technology essentially lacked detail, writes Stephen Saunders,
US Editor for "No price was announced, and neither vendor
would give specifics on throughput, range, or indeed how TeraBeam's laser-based
wireless technology works," wrote Saunders in a piece published on Network
s Website.

TeraBeam says its product supports "gigabits per second speeds." However, on closer
examination it turns out that the capacity of the network is shared between
subscribers -- a fact confirmed later by TeraBeam. That means that service providers
that deploy services based on TeraBeam technology, and businesses that buy into those
services, are more likely to see megabit speeds than gigabit throughput, Saunders has
concluded. (Read a more
detailed version
of this story on the Networkd World Web site.)

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