Germany exempt from MS copy protection?

By Rick Perera, IDG News Service |  Operating Systems

Microsoft GmbH, the German branch of the software giant, is denying a report that it might exempt Germany from planned copy protection technology on the upcoming version of the Windows operating system.

The newspaper Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) said in its Tuesday edition that Microsoft is expected to use technology that will prevent the same copy of the operating system, code named "Whistler," from being installed on more than one machine -- but that the company is hesitating to introduce the copy protection in Germany, where customers are seen as more critical of Microsoft.

But Microsoft spokesman Tomas Jensen, who was quoted in the story, said that no decision has been made on whether to include copy protection in the final version of the software. He denied telling the FTD that the company was considering implementing copy protection in other countries, but exempting Germany.

"I never said anything about that," he said. "I only said in Germany we're more critical than in other markets. I said we haven't decided yet."

Financial Times Deutschland reporter Henry L

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