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Start preparing for .Net

Platforms: If Microsoft's massive product rollout has your head spinning, you're not alone. By recent count, the company has released eight new servers, three new developer tools, and a new version of Office. But it's a good thing -- really.

News headlines

  • Windows Media Player 7 opens system for hackers --January 18
  • Germany exempt from MS copy protection? --January 17
  • Microsoft debuts Visual Studio for Applications --January 17
  • .Net gets first management tools --January 17
  • Brief: Win 2000 exec departs amid sales lag --January 16
  • Microsoft software-pricing suits thrown out --January 16
  • Microsoft offers beta of Office for Mac OS X --January 11
  • Features

    Is there a next big thing for Microsoft?

    Looking ahead: The future isn't what it used to be, at least not for Microsoft. As we watch its cash cows -- Windows and Office -- becoming good for less and less milk, where should we expect growth in 2001? The short answer is, nowhere.

    Teach Windows Notepad to remember

    Tricks: Windows seems full of undocumented little secrets that make it much easier to use, but here's one that applies specifically to Windows Notepad. If you've ever been frustrated by Notepad's inability to remember page-setup parameters, you can solve that problem with a quick hack of the registry.

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