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By David Essex, ITworld.com |  Career

Huge job-posting sites, like Monster.com and href=http://www.careerbuilder.com>CareerBuilder.com, get most of the headlines, but
the more interesting story in the online careers realm is that many IT companies are
quietly turning to the Web to attract, identify, and retain qualified employees. And
here's the big news: they're outsourcing entire recruitment efforts and even many
human-resources tasks. Full-service Web recruitment portals host everything from
private-label job boards to interview forms, personality questionnaires, and corporate
requisition sheets. Most often, the server power and all the software are hosted on the
vendor's site, or removed a step further to a dynamic hosting site such as href="http://www.exodus.net"> Exodus Communications.

No one can agree on what to call these services, and, uncharacteristically for a hot
Web category, no catchall buzzword has emerged. You may see them referred to as
e-recruiters, hiring-management ASPs, or collaborative hiring tools. What these
companies all have in common, according to vendors and analysts, is an attempt to
automate the most tedious aspects of recruitment, like filtering resumes, exchanging
letters, and shuffling forms. They also exploit the Web as a medium to extend the
hiring network, cut costs, and make the whole experience more user friendly. Think of
them as one-stop shops for recruitment and all the HR-like things that relate to it.

"It's providing Web tools to solve a large enterprise process problem," offers Mark
Lange, vice president of marketing at href="http://www.brassringsystems.com">BrassRing Systems (formerly HireSystems), in
San Mateo, Calif. Lange's company sells Web-based employee recruitment workflow
software and counts Ariba, Data General, SAP, and Inktomi among its IT customers.

"Every solution creates a problem, and the problem the Web created is the proliferation
of job boards," Lange says.

Sorting through candidates

These aren't just job sites or resume trackers, though they provide both services as
parts of broader offerings, sometimes themselves outsourcing those functions to
business partners. Some have evolved from Windows-based client/server HR systems or
resume trackers into full-service recruitment application service providers (ASPs).
Take WebHire, in Lexington, Mass., for example.
It sells exclusively Web-based hiring tools that go far beyond resume collectors.
Ditto for Resumix, in Sunnyvale, Calif. Previously
just another name in resume tracking, Resumix now sells a Web-based enterprise suite
that provides Web-browser access to hiring managers and tools for integrating with HR
systems from such ERP vendors as Oracle, Peoplesoft, and SAP.

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