Java One on tap

By John K. Waters, |  Development

The speakers with the star power at this year's show (mystery guests
notwithstanding), are Sun fellow and Java inventor, James Gosling, and Sun
chief scientist and Jini creator, Bill Joy. Both will speak on Wednesday
morning. Joy gained recent notoriety for an article he wrote for Wired
magazine warning of a future in which humans become an endangered species at
the hands of unchecked technological development.

More than 300 sessions are scheduled for this year's event, covering new
developments in all of the current incarnations of the Java 2 Platform:
Standard, Enterprise, and Micro Editions, as well as Sun's Jini connection
technology and Enterprise JavaBeans. Attendees can expect to find at least
eight sessions on Sun's new Jiro technology, including previews of the
upcoming 1.0 release. Jiro is a Java-compliant storage management platform,
built round a component model and an object model. It incorporates Jini
connection technology to manage remote devices-- servers, applications, and
devices on networks.

In the past year, Sun has managed to turn "dot-com" into a verb with its
"dot-com your business" TV and print ad campaign. It's safe to say that
attendees will be seeing a lot of dots at this year's show.

Includes additional reporting by Jack Vaughan,

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