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Getting a grip on HIPAA
A new law governing the privacy, security and electronic transmission of health care data is rippling through the industry, and IT is playing a key role in the changes.-- 5/11/2001 ITworld.com

Privacy proposals could cost billions
The cost of complying with privacy legislation now pending in Congress could run well into the billions of dollars for companies doing business online, according to a report released Tuesday by the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT).-- 5/7/2001 ITworld.com

Corporate privacy policies scrutinized
The merits of company privacy policies were debated today as an FTC commissioner criticized them for being confusing and unwieldy while some corporate privacy officers said the federal government was partly to blame for the complex statements.-- 5/3/2001 Computerworld

Senators mull Telecom Act five years later
Competition in local telephone service and DSL was not improved as much as expected by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, industry officals testified to the Senate.-- 5/2/2001 ITworld.com

Marketers back anti-spam bill
Online marketers are said to be lining up behind a Senate bill crafted to limit unsolicited email, or spam. However, privacy advocates claim that the measure does not go far enough.-- 4/26/2001 Infoworld

Proposed broadband bill gets cold reception
Powerful lawmakers on Tuesday were poised to introduce controversial new telecom legislation that favors the Baby Bells. Representatives W.J. Tauzin, R-La., and John Dingell, D-Mich., have crafted the Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act of 2001.-- 4/24/2001 Infoworld

FCC's Powell:'Net content to remain unregulated

It's a myth that the Internet is not regulated, said Michael Powell, newly-installed chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference during a keynote speech on Tuesday.-- 4/24/2001 ITworld.com

Bill proposes tax credits for IT training
US senators introduced a bill Tuesday that would provide a tax credit to employers that invest in training programs to increase workers' IT skills and fill empty IT jobs.-- 4/24/2001 ITworld.com

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