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Workshop attendees debate new features for Linux 2.5 kernel
With version 2.4 of the Linux kernel still hot from the oven, the Linux development community officially kicked off debate about what features should go into the 2.5 version at a two-day workshop last weekend.
-- 4/4/2001 Infoworld

First virus to infect Windows, Linux apps appears
Antivirus software manufacturers are reporting the appearance of the first virus that can infect applications on systems that run either Linux or Microsoft Windows.
-- 3/28/2001

IBM drops 'Blue Hammer' on clustering market
As part of its continuing effort to bring Linux into the mainstream, IBM introduced technology that will let businesses maintain huge Linux or Unix server farms from a single location.
-- 3/26/2001 Network World

CeBIT: Avaya upgrades free Linux security software

Avaya Labs Research has released Libsafe 2.0, the latest version of its free security software for Linux systems. According to the company, the new version of Libsafe shields servers from both buffer overflow and format string attacks.
-- 3/23/2001

SANS Institute warns against 'Lion' Linux worm

Security experts have discovered a dangerous computer worm, dubbed 'Lion,' that spreads through Linux computers by exploiting a vulnerability in the BIND domain name system.
-- 3/23/2001 Network World

Linux loves the slow economy

The main barrier to open source in the enterprise is CIO psychology.
-- 3/23/2001

CeBit: mySAP comes to IBM eServers running Linux

IBM and SAP on Wednesday announced an agreement to deliver the mySAP e-business portal software on the zSeries of IBM's eServers running the Linux operating system.
-- 3/22/2001 Infoworld

IBM adding supercomputer features to Linux server line

IBM today announced plans to port key cluster management and file system software technologies from its SP supercomputer and AIX operating systems to its Linux rack-mounted server line.
-- 3/20/2001 Computerworld

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