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Sun unveils Java for Linux appliances

Sun Microsystems Wednesday shipped two components of its J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) for Linux. The announcement beefs up Sun's support for embedded systems, an area into which the Linux operating system is moving more aggressively than ever. -- 1/31/01 

Server, embedded Linux top show's agenda

As day one of the LinuxWorld conference & exposition got under way in New York Wednesday, product announcements related to Linux in the server and embedded markets led the way. -- 2/1/01 News

IBM: Linux ready for mission-critical apps

In his keynote address that opened the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo on Wednesday, IBM president and CEO Sam Palmisano said the open source operating system is ready to go from being a "nice modular technology" for smaller business systems to being an integral platform for conducting "real e-business."-- 02/01/2001 

Hewlett-Packard extends Linux support

The company said Wednesday that it will soon offer support for Linux on 44 printers and also will ship servers and development tools aimed at users of the operating system.-- 01/31/2001 

IBM announces 64-way Linux server
The server is designed to bridge the gap between mainframes and servers using single Intel processors, and is the first designed to work with IBM's Linux Application Environment. IBM also announced an integrated Linux development suite for its PowerNP network processor.-- 01/31/2001 

Red Hat brings Eazel under its wing

Eazel secured a key partnership Monday when it announced that Red Hat will bundle Eazel's Nautilus software on all upcoming versions of Red Hat Linux.-- 01/30/2001 News

Server, desktop worlds collide at 'Linux-on-the-Hudson' expo

Linux adherents of all stripes gather this week to view the latest wares at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York. At the show, the Linux story will continue to be told as a tale of two platforms, with movement on the server side continuing to outpace desktop advances.-- 01/29/2001 News

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