Windows 2000 Insights |  Operating Systems

  • For basic business desktops, Microsoft
    recommends Windows 2000 Professional. Administrators should find its
    strong plug-and-play support a boon for managing enduser systems.
  • For file/application serving, Windows 2000
    Server would be your best choice.
  • For more demanding server applications that
    would benefit from clustering and network load balancing, you will want
    to consider Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
  • For high-end, large-scale, and mission-critical applications such as ERP, SAP, Data
    Warehouses, and for companies such as ISP's, and ASP's., then Windows 2000 Datacenter
    Server is what you should consider. Keep in mind that Datacenter Server will not be
    released on February 17, 2000 like the other 3 platforms, but will be available when
    the first Service Pack is issued -- approximately 60-90 days later.

Next week: managing Windows 2000 Professional.

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