The basics

Who offers it:

Testing is done by Sylvan Prometric and Virtual University Enterprises. Many
courses and self-study packages will help prepare you for the exams.


Initial - Pass four core exams and two elective exams.

Ongoing - If an exam you take is "retired," you must pass a replacement exam.


Exams - $100 each. Cost of courses and self-study materials varies widely.

Percent of IT professionals whose companies offer tuition reimbursement: 76.7%

Sample exam topics:

Implementing and administering a Windows 2000 directory services infrastructure

Installing, configuring, and administering Windows 2000 Server

Upgrading from Windows NT to Windows 2000

Vital statistics

Who has one:

Number of MCSEs - 165,000

Percent of IT professionals reported holding any certification:

Senior management - 17.5%

Middle management - 26.2%

Staff - 19.8%

Percent of IT professionals who reported holding MCSE:

Senior management - 3.9%

Middle management - 8.5%

Staff - 6.4%


Year certification was established: 1994

Web resources

Microsoft Certified Professional Program:

Microsoft offers information on all its certification programs.

InfoWorld Special Report on Education and Certification:

This report includes a directory of IT certifications, as well as general advice on
how continuing education can help your career.

Sources: 1999 InfoWorld Compensation Survey, Microsoft

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