Colly Myers: Symbian's CEO looks to standardize wireless communications

By Paul Krill, InfoWorld |  Hardware

InfoWorld: Your founding members include Nokia and some of the larger mobile device manufacturers such as Motorola. Are any other companies going to be coming on board with an investment in Symbian, such as Microsoft or Sun?

Myers: When we founded the company with Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and Psion, one of our objectives was to have a global holding in the company of mobile phone manufacturers, and it was completed last year with Matsushita/Panasonic joining us. What we have is representation of the biggest mobile phone companies with a global focus. So we have people from America, Europe, and Asia, and we have a company, Symbian, producing this platform for a global focus. So we've achieved our objective and that was always our strategy. Now we have an open mind about what goes on in the future, but we're not looking at anything at this point in time.

InfoWorld: Symbian is supporting wireless standards such as Bluetooth and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Are there any other standards that you will be supporting, and what do the current standards do for your platform?

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