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What you'll find: is a silent auction -- IT recruiters can bid on
individual employees or a combined talent pool. The search engine allows recruiters to
find prospects by keyword or geographic location.

What you won't: This site lacks a robust discussion forum and frills such as
careers resources. There are plenty of positions listed, but not a whole lot of bidding
is going on.

The essentials: was created by John Kinsella, who maintains a pretty
bare-bones site. If nothing else, it is interesting to look at the salary ranges being
bandied about by the participants. - target="_new">

What you'll find: This site uses an auction format, where placement agencies and
employers bid on the services of IT professionals. Once a successful match is made, an
ITAuction representative facilitates job negotiations.

What you won't: A sophisticated search engine, discussion forums, and extras such
as careers advice are lacking here. It seems aims at job quality and
focus more than it does quantity.

The essentials: The service is free for IT professionals and contract workers
seeking employment -- recruiters pay a flat fee of $2,500 once a placement has been

Monster Talent Market - target="_new">

What you'll find: This is a sleek, professionally designed site that hosts more
than 34,000 live auctions and provides access to nearly 200,000 independent pros. It is
mainly geared toward free agents and consultants.

What you won't: The site is so large and has so many resources, users will struggle
to find a sense of community -- although chat sessions and a limited number of message
boards are available.

The essentials: Part of the job listing network, it's more of a skills
marketplace than a pure auction. Although not all listings are for technology
professionals, a good percentage of the auctions involve IT people.

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