Justice Department slams Microsoft's antitrust remedy proposal

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The Justice Department's filing submitted Wednesday is its response to Microsoft's remedy proposal of May 10.

Under the most recent schedule provided by the court, the next stage in the case is for Jackson to hear oral arguments about the remedy proposals on May 24.

As part of its May 10 filing, Microsoft asked the judge to delay the start of remedy hearings until Dec. 4 if he intends to consider breaking the software maker into two. Microsoft argued that it would need the additional time to prepare its defense against such a severe measure.

Wednesday's filing from the Justice Department was not released until after the stock market closed.

Microsoft's share price closed down 2.6 ppercent at $67.69, joining many other high-tech stocks that performed poorly Wednesday. The Nasdaq composite index closed down 1.95 percent at 3,644.9.

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