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What you'll find: This is an excellent, comprehensive job-hunting resource that
includes tips on writing resumes, making contacts, and researching employers.

What you won't: Ads, job listings, and sponsored sections are scarce. Also, the
site is geared toward general users, so there is not a whole lot of tech-specific

The essentials: Author Richard Bolles positions the site as a supplement to his
popular What Color Is Your Parachute? books, with a pleasing dose of advice and

Quintessential Careers - href="" target="_new">

What you'll find: This site has hundreds of categorized job-hunting links, and an
industry-specific section with tech-related job resources.

What you won't: The site does not post jobs but takes paid advertising, making for
a confusing blend of internal content and sponsored links.

The essentials: College professor Randall S. Hansen provides useful information but
drives traffic to his own careers services.

The Riley Guide - target="_new">

What you'll find: The Riley Guide is a massive repository of links to career and
job-hunting resources as well as useful career-related articles.

What you won't: This site avoids fancy graphics and clutter. It is clearly focused
on providing job-hunting links, not job listings or resumes.

The essentials: The site is one of the first of its kind, maintained by Internet
consultant and author Margaret Dikel (formerly Riley).

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