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Industry statistics


Total persons employed in the United States - 140,762,000

Active licensed real estate brokers - 755,000

Administrative support - 64,000


IT professionals working in the real estate industry are a mixed breed. Many are
self-employed and contract for Web site development directly with independent

Others work for companies such as Long & Foster, one of the largest real estate
brokerage firms. Long & Foster contracts with or employs 6,000 agents, has 141
offices, and employs an IT staff of 53.

IT salaries and numbers

Average IT salary:

National average - $70,940

Real estate and supporting industries average - $82,901

Industry experience:

Average length of IT professionals' experience in real estate and supporting
industries - 11.2 years

Hours worked:

Average weekly IT hours worked - 43.73

Web resources

Real Trends - target="_new">

Real Trends, a Littleton, Colo.-based real estate research firm, recently conducted
a survey on the use of information technology in the real estate industry.

Center for Digital Commerce - href="" target="_new">

As part of Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, the Center for
Digital Commerce conducts research on the effects of the digital economy on the real
estate industry.

Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute - href="" target="_new">

This site for certified commercial real estate professionals includes content on
the use of information technology in the commercial sector. The site also includes a
public -- albeit little-used -- software/ technology forum.

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Association of Realtors, 2000
InfoWorld Compensation Survey,

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