CREDENTIALS: Certified Network Engineer

By Loretta W. Prencipe, InfoWorld |  Business

From Microsoft to Novell, many vendors have developed system-specific network
certifications. As the number of certified professionals increases, some question
certification's value.

The basics

Certification basics:

Certification is a two-part process consisting of training and testing.

Who offers training:

Commercial technical training providers, technical colleges, community colleges and
universities, and technical associations provide training; some public school systems
now offer computer network training for high school students.

Who offers testing:

Technical training facilities, independent certification testing providers, online
testing centers

Recertification or skills upgrade certification may require testing.


Costs vary by provider for both training and testing. Financing is available.

Training tuition - From $800 for certification upgrade training to $8,000 and
higher for full preparation

Certification testing costs - $100-300. Some certifications require several tests.
Test vouchers may be included with some training programs. Practice exams cost

Sample courses:

Courses vary by vendor system

LAN topologies -- token ring, Windows 2000 NetWare 4.11 -- installation and

Vital statistics

Who has a network engineering certification?

2000 InfoWorld Compensation Survey respondents - 27%

Breakdown of respondents:

CTOs - 7.4%, CIOs - 17%, Middle IT management - 29.2%, LAN managers - 67.2%

What people are saying

I think that the Cisco certification [for Cisco certified network professionals]
has more respect than other certifications. With other certifications, you don't need
job experience to pass the exams like you do with Cisco certifications, and recruiters
know that.

-- Barbara Collura, founder of ITinfusion, a placement firm specializing in network
engineers, in Herndon, Va.

Web resources

Certification Magazine

The online version of this magazine provides a link to system-specific
certifications and testing centers.

Source: 2000 Infoworld Compensation Survey

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