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Investor Relations magazine

What you'll find: Search back issues of this magazine for coverage of investor
relations case studies from the corporate perspective.

What you won't: You won't find information specifically geared to CTOs, but you
will information on the use of technology in investor relations.

The essentials: IR magazine editors describe this monthly publication as
an "interface between companies and their investors."

National Investor Relations Institute

What you'll find: Visit the site for executive alerts on SEC rules and links to
sites on investor relations.

What you won't: You won't find information easily on taking a company public.
Visitors must hit the resource guide for links to IPO consultants.

The essentials: NIRI's mission is to educate and assist professionals involved in
the practice of investor relations.


What you'll find: Visit this site to sign up for the securities law listserv,
participate in discussion forums, and review information on SEC regulations.

What you won't: You won't find glitz and glamour, but you will find plenty of
securities information and links.

The essentials: This in-depth securities law site is maintained by Mark J.
Astarita, an attorney at the firm of Bearn & Astarita.

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