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Industry statistics


Total employed in United States: 134,420,000

Total in health care: 11,300,000

Executive, non-physician: 59,700

Health care practitioners: 319,500

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that about 14 percent of all wage and
salary jobs created between 1998 and 2008 will be in health services.

IT salaries and numbers

Average IT salary

National average: $70,940

Health care industry average: $60,202

Percent that believes they are not fairly compensated: 47.6%

Salary increases

Percent who received salary increase in the last year: 93.9%

Percent receiving merit increase: 53.4%

Percent receiving increase after moving to a different company: 14.2%

Average salary increase 9.7%


Average bonus, national: $4,520

Average bonus, health care industry: $5,549


Average experience in the IT industry: 11.4 years

Average weekly hours worked: 46.3


Number of employers in last three years:

One: 53.1%

Two: 36.6%

Three: 9.7%


Highest level of education obtained

High school: 15.5%

Associate's degree: 9.5%

Bachelor's degree: 52%

Master's degree: 20.9%

Web resources

Joint Healthcare IT Alliance - href="">

This alliance of several health care information technology associations functions
as an advocacy group on legislation issues surrounding IT and health care.

Health care Information and Management Systems Society - href="">

Visit this site for a health care information technology leadership survey.

Source: 2000 InfoWorld Compensation Survey, Health Care Information Management
Systems Society, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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