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SENDMAIL, A PRIVATELY-HELD maker of e-mail server software, on Tuesday acquired Nascent Technologies, another e-mail server software company, for an undisclosed sum. It was a multimillion-dollar deal in stock and cash, said a Sendmail spokesman, though he would not divulge further details about the terms of the buyout.

Sendmail currently manufactures the popular open-source 'Sendmail' e-mail server, which is used to process more than half of the world's e-mail traffic, according to the company. Nascent makes Mailspinner, an e-mail server software that allows users to access e-mail through any Web browser or mobile device that uses the WAP (wireless application protocol) specification.

Sendmail will rename Nascent's Mailspinner as Sendmail Mobile Messaging Server. The renamed product will be targeted at enterprises and ISPs (Internet service providers) that wish to provide mobile access to e-mail, Sendmail said in a statement Tuesday. The new product will support all popular protocols used for accessing e-mail, including POP (post office protocol), IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), WAP and NTT DoCoMo's I-mode.

Emeryville, Calif.-based Sendmail hopes Nascent's mobile e-mail server programs will complement its line of e-mail server software products, giving the company deeper penetration into the mobile messaging market. That will help Sendmail provide customers with anywhere, anytime e-mail access via their mobile devices, the company statement said.

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