Motorola invests millions in PacketVideo

By Gopika Vaidya, InfoWorld |  Software

MOTOROLA AND PACKETVIDEO announced they will combine to equip mobile devices, including Internet-enabled wireless phones, smart phones, handheld devices, wireless PDAs, and laptop computers, with full-motion video and audio content.

As part of the collaboration, Motorola's strategic venture capital branch, Motorola Ventures, has made a multimillion dollar equity investment in San Diego-based PacketVideo. Motorola, in Schaumburg, Ill., did not specify the exact amount invested.

The technology is aimed at developers who will be able to design streaming media applications, including news clips, sports highlights, movie trailers, and video e-mail for Java-enabled wireless devices, all of which have practical applications for the mobile area. So users might not use their mobile phones to watch movies, but could use them to check out the trailer of a movie before they decide to see it.

The technologies will be based on the Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME), which is Java specifically for embedded or mobile devices and will be supported in a future release of Motorola's multiple communications handset for iDEN networks, a digital cellular network focused on business and corporate users. "That's a major advancement for mobile devices," said Jim Brailean, president and CTO at PacketVideo.

"Our aim is to create developing tools that enable third parties [application developers] to create applications for business as well as commercial users," Brailean said.

"Motorola is a hardware maker, PacketVideo has developed software -- the collaboration will allow us to benefit from each others' distribution channels, specifically in the multimedia market," a Motorola spokesman said.

The technologies are being shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, using a Motorola data-enabled handset.

"Right now we're focused on the United States, but both companies have a global view," Brailean said.

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