BMC preps updated Patrol for Lotus Domino

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BMC SOFTWARE PLANS to release an updated version of its system management tool, Patrol for Lotus Domino, at the Lotusphere show in Orlando, Fla., next week.

Version 4.4 of Patrol for Lotus Domino will focus on what the company dubs service-level management, which helps give enterprise IT managers a better understanding of user environments, according to officials at Houston-based BMC.

"When we talk about service-level management, we are looking at monitoring the end-user experience so that the IT organization has a true idea of what is going on in the user environment," said Ardis Griggs, senior product marketing manager for Patrol at BMC.

An increased level of detail about end-user experience lets IT management extend beyond a server-centric view, Griggs said.

"If an IT manager knows a particular server went down, that might not be relevant to them. But if you can bring that up to a customer-centric or a business-process way of looking at things, you can see whether a server is related to a critical application," Griggs said.

BMC added several other features to release 4.4. End-to-end response time tracking will allow administrators to quickly locate trouble spots before they shut the system down or cause message delay. Message-tracking features give managers granular-level tools to identify users who are consuming excessive resources. Additionally, replication-monitoring functions can verify database replication accuracy to avoid downtime, according to BMC officials.

"Our main goal is to let the administrator know before the user when something is wrong," Griggs said.

Patrol for Lotus Domino 4.4 will be available in February, priced starting at $525.

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