Technologies to watch in 2001

By Maggie Biggs, InfoWorld |  Software

6. Business process integration. Last year EAI (enterprise application integration) solution providers began integrating at the business-process layer. Expect the management of integration to continue to be pushed toward the business-process level this year, and look to reduce costs and increase efficiency by doing so.

7. Content management. Invest in content-management tools and services that emphasize workflow automation. These will not only help you manage your online assets but also provide efficiency gains and improved communication.

8. Wireless technology. Consumer and corporate investments in wireless technology increased during 2000, and the number of mobile devices and their capabilities are also on the upswing. It will pay to support widespread use of wireless devices this year. The trick will be to implement strategies that can support your own distributed workforce as well as customers who may be using a wide array of device types. The latter will make application testing and deployment a tad tricky in the near term.

9. Bandwidth increases. The cost of bandwidth will come down in the coming months as speeds increase and implementation of optical networking takes hold. Whether you need to replace expensive circuits to reduce costs or implement broadband to help increase employee productivity, examine your bandwidth strategy this year to gain the upper hand.

10. Linux and open-source software. This year will also bring continued enhancements to Linux and other open-source software that will benefit enterprises. Extending existing hardware investments and reducing software-licensing costs by leveraging these technologies make them a potent draw for companies looking to get ahead.

The year ahead will be a challenging one for business leaders, regardless of market sector. Staying focused on driving revenue while increasing efficiency and reducing costs will be the hallmarks of success in 2001.

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