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Heading a patchwork of announcements here at LinuxWorld Expo, IBM on Wednesday will unveil plans for a 64-way server that is intended to help corporate users bridge their lower-end Intel-based systems and mainframes.

The forthcoming server, the eServer x340, will be the first to fully exploit the new Linux Applications Environment (LAE).

With the new server, corporate customers will be able to scale from a single Intel processor-based server to a mainframe, maintaining the same class of reliability as the company's line of eServers, company officials said.

IBM will support LAE in its recently opened Linux Competency Center in Beaverton, Ore. That will aid software developers in testing applications to run on the LAE.

Big Blue will also show off Linux-based network processor software development tools and services for ISPs and networking equipment vendors that enable greater bandwidth and a range of other network functions.

The tools will allow ISPs to increase network bandwidth by creating programming code for communications equipment based on IBM's Power NP network chip.

Company officials will announce plans to significantly expand Linux support for its Tivoli Systems Management software, most notably its Tivoli Management Environment, which unifies and automates the management of networks, databases, and the Internet.

IBM will also announce it is making its WebSphere Commerce Suite Start Edition available on SuSE and TuboLinux versions of Linux, to go along with the version for Red Hat's Linux.

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