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Selling Internet services is no quick buck. Burdensome telecommunications and equipment costs combined with fierce competition and scarce manpower leave many service providers with insufficient cash to offer new and different services. What these service providers need is a marketable application that sells and manages itself and costs next to nothing to get running.

Kurant StoreSense 4.0

Business Case: StoreSense painlessly gives any service provider with bandwidth to sell everything they need to host e-commerce sites for small merchants for low setup costs. E-commerce site hosting can also help well-connected companies offset high infrastructure costs by providing this self-managing service.

Technology Case: Kurant ships a fully configured cobalt RAQ Linux server to would-be service providers. But the application is a canned solution, not an e-commerce framework; running it requires accepting limitations that cannot be overcome through programming.


+ True turnkey solution with hardware and software

+ Low setup costs and low minimum required sales

+ Includes online service ordering system, allowing customers set up their own accounts


- Functional restrictions limit the size of resellers

- Lack of support for custom programming limits provider's ability to add value

- Kurant does not supply additional servers as load increases

Cost: Varies by contract; $500/month with minimum required sales volume

Kurant Corp., San Francisco, Calif 888-463-2696; www.kurant.com

With StoreSense 4.0, Kurant Corp. offers service providers an unusually sweet deal. In one fell swoop, StoreSense will put you in the e-commerce site hosting business, without your having to shell out much cash or hire a gang of Web developers. Just plug the included Cobalt Networks Inc. RaQ server into your network, and after a few hours of Web-based configuration -- no programming or HTML hacking required -- your StoreSense server is open for business.

Small merchants will be your customers, purchasing and managing their own e-commerce sites from you via Web browsers. All you as the service provider need to do is keep the server running and do enough business to generate US$500 in monthly fees to Kurant.

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