Oracle's top online exchange executive moves on

By Heather Harreld, InfoWorld |  Business

ORACLE'S POINT MAN for online exchanges has left the company to take the reins at Enigma, a content provider for the capital equipment aftermarket.

Tom Thimot, former vice president of central U.S. sales for Oracle Product Industries, will lead the Burlington, Mass.-based Enigma as its president and chief operating officer, the company announced on Tuesday.

Thimot, who helped Oracle obtain its deal with the automotive marketplace Covisint, will work to drive Enigma's growth in the automotive and industrial aftermarket. Enigma's customers include GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Hewlett-Packard, Ameritech , Sun Microsystems, John Deere, and Mack Trucks.

Enigma connects manufacturers and operators with a transaction-content platform designed to link rich product support information with transactional data. Typical applications of Enigma technology include e-commerce sites, e-catalogs, illustrated parts catalogs, interactive electronic technical manuals, and Web-based self-service product support.

Enigma, which represents both operators and OEMs, is poised to grow even with the looming recession, because companies often look to maintain capital equipment instead of replacing it when budgets are tight, Thimot said in a telephone interview.

"People have initially overlooked the importance of the aftermarket," Thimot said. "Some of the highest margins for the OEM are in the aftermarket. OEMs make higher margins servicing old engines compared to building new ones," he said.

Thimot said he envisions future partnerships with ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendors such as SAP and CRM (customer relationship management) vendors such as Siebel Systems to link content provided by Enigma to these mission-critical systems.

"We extend those capabilities so we can have that rich content, that collaborative experience," Thimot said. "Where we truly collaborate with our complex customers, with our complex processes -- that's utopia in b-to-b commerce."

Before moving to head up Oracle's marketplace practice, Thimot worked for Oracle's worldwide operations and its consulting divisions. He also has held management positions at Price Waterhouse, Andersen Consulting, and EXE Technologies, a supply-chain software company.

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