Kylix does Linux, Delphi style

By Tom Yager, InfoWorld |  Development

Dedicated in-house developers have always found ways to build business applications for multiple platforms, but it's rarely easy to do. Java managed to capture the minds of corporate programmers by providing a nearly effortless bridge between supported platforms.

Kylix, Field Test 4 preview


Kylix is a self-contained development environment that's much easier to learn than Java and creates blindingly fast native code. For performance-sensitive applications that need to run on Windows and Linux, Kylix is the way to go.


Borland brilliantly marries open-source technology with its mature Object Pascal native code compiler and debugger. Delphi applications need to be stripped of their direct access to Windows and PC hardware, but Windows-to-Linux porting should be straightforward for applications that play by the rules.


+ Fast native code compiler

+ Easy-to-learn Object Pascal

+ Strong user interface, TCP/IP, and database component

+ Excellent IDE

+ Innovative use of open-source technology


- Weak ties to C++ and Java

-  A new language and proprietary API


$999 for Desktop Developer Edition; $1,999 for Server Developer Edition


Red Hat 6.2 and later, Mandrake 7.2 and later, SuSE 7.0 and later running on Intel and compatible 32-bit CPU


Scheduled to ship March 12, 2001

Borland Software Corp., Scotts Valley, Calif.; (831) 431-1000,

Kylix, the Linux edition of Borland's popular Delphi language and programming environment, will soon offer companies an alternative to Java that is far easier to learn and produces faster applications.

Like Java, Kylix provides Linux developers with well-stocked libraries of user interface, database, Web, and network functions that exactly match those implemented in Windows. Kylix also shares Java's large pool of experienced programmers, appealing to coders familiar with Delphi, C/C++, and Visual Basic.

Borland has infused Kylix with advantageous features that standard Java lacks, namely an optimizing native code compiler and a RAD (rapid application development) environment. After working with the Field Test 4 preview of Kylix Server Developer Edition, we see enormous technical potential that will endear Kylix to Delphi developers and Linux pundits

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