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As part of its underlying vision for a single, unified network, Novell Inc.'s
eDirectory has quietly emerged as a central piece of technology for bridging access
to Web-enabled network services. Here at the company's BrainShare user conference,
Novell officials showcased new eDirectory enhancements and talked up the role
of the technology in the future of Internet services.

According to one analyst, Novell's directory and related technologies such
as DirXML integration software are helping the Provo, Utah-based company transform
its offerings and image.

"[Novell is] moving forward with messages that resonate with contemporary
uses," said Martin Marshall, an analyst at Zona Research in Redwood City,
California. "One example is the use of the directory for enabling devices
for e-commerce."

"A directory is almost a misnomer for what they are putting together.
There is a database, application services, security. They call it a directory
but it does a lot more," Marshall added.

Many Novell executives here at the conference, including Chief Technology Officer
(CTO) Carl Ledbetter, touted the importance of the eDirectory in Novell's evolution.

"The directory is the centerpiece of our technical strategy but not the
business strategy, because it won't be a big revenue driver," Ledbetter
said. "Microsoft built their empire on DOS because so many developers built
applications for it. The directory will be Novell's DOS. We want people to build
applications for the directory."

The directory's capability for authentication, access, and security is an extraordinarily
powerful thing, according to Ledbetter.

The future of the Internet will demand "infinite customization that can
only be done if identity is known unambiguously in the network," Ledbetter
said. "And the directory, with business rules, is where that comes from.
The directory knows who you are, what you need, your title, and can get you
that information faster."

Earlier in the week, Novell announced plans to add wireless functionality to
the next version of eDirectory via a management framework tool. Designed to
extend the power of the directory to handheld devices and wireless networks,
the tool allows users to access or modify attributes in the directory through
role-based services, company officials said. The eDirectory management framework
runs on Netscape and Internet Explorer and supports HTML, XML, and LDAP. In
addition, Novell at the conference rolled out eDirectory support for Compaq
Tru64 and IBM AIX operating systems.

One Novell customer on hand at the show, an employee of television and movie
company 20th Century Fox, said Novell's eDirectory provides his organization
a central link to Web services.

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