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By Doug Dineley, InfoWorld |  Software

Web sites offer info on technologies, products, and players --

E-commerce news and information from a variety of sources, plus special reports on ecommerce trends, issues, and applications

AT&T Labs Research --

Articles and technical reports on AT&T research products in IP networking, broadband and wireless networks, artificial intelligence, OSes, databases, programming languages, and security

Bluetooth --

Official site of Bluetooth Special Interest Group; news, technical information, and links related to the wireless networking tech standard --

Comprehensive business and technology research portal with news, articles, research papers, and other resources; resources related to management and IS research available at

Center for Information Systems Research

Working papers and seminars in management of the IT function, IT and organizational processes, and e-commerce; hosted by the MIT Sloan School of Management

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce --

Articles and working papers on financial markets and trading mechanisms, real-time service and pricing, network resource management, and e-payment systems; links to e-commerce research centers and journals

CIO Research Centers --

Articles, case studies, white papers, books, and other resources on CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), e-commerce, infrastructure, data warehousing, and knowledge management

COMMfusion --

News and information on voice and data convergence technologies; research articles, white papers, and interactive Web seminars on topics such as VOIP (voice over IP), unified messaging, speech recognition, and CRM

IBM alphaWorks --

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