B2BWorks forms ad alliance with GE

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B2BWorks forms ad alliance with GE

B2BWorks, an online marketing company, has formed an advertising alliance with GE Services Network to allow B2BWorks to offer advertising on GE Web sites. The agreement will bring the first of the GE Web sites, GE Polymerland, GE Silicones, and GE Plastics into B2BWorks' network. As part of the deal, B2BWorks has granted equity to GE Services Network, which is an operating unit of General Electric. The alliance will offer business-to-business marketers a new way to reach a core audience via branded portal commerce sites, said Bill Furlong, B2BWorks president and CEO. Corporate-branded portals are an ideal way to reach the most loyal and active customers when they are at the point of purchase, he said.

Quova acquires RealMapping

Internet infrastructure services provider Quova announced it has acquired Internet geolocation technology vendor RealMapping for an undisclosed sum. RealMapping's technology determines the geographic location of Internet-connected devices and is used in e-commerce applications such as fraud detection, regulatory compliance, and digital rights management. The addition of Amsterdam, Netherlands-based RealMapping brings Quova detailed knowledge of the European Internet infrastructure, including city-level resolution mapping for Europe. The companies also plan to combine databases and research methodologies to expand geolocation coverage, which can help e-businesses form closer relationships with customers, according to Quova.

Prescient, Xand join in portal alliance

Supply-chain solutions provider Prescient Systems will use the infrastructure of Xand to power its supply-chain management portal, the companies announced last month. Prescient will leverage Xand's application infrastructure and technical resources to help support Prescient's ASP (application service provider) portal, PrescientConnections.com, which provides access to the ASP version of its supply-chain management applications. By using an ASP version of the application, called PrescientXEi, clients can access a collaborative environment featuring manufacturers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, and buyers without requiring on-site implementation of the software, according to Prescient officials. Xand will supply Prescient with the infrastructure, management, and maintenance to deliver the supply-chain application. Xand's technical resources include a network with multiple, diversely routed fiber-optic links to Verizon and WorldCom. An on-site data center maintains multilevel system protections and a secured access control system.

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