Eprise rolls out updated content management server

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Content management system vendor Eprise on Tuesday unveiled Version 3.5 of its Participant Server, which includes features designed to speed content-rich Web site and corporate intranet development.

Untangling the complexity of content management systems is a vital step to helping enterprises tame the surges of quickly changing content, according to one analyst.

"Giving the business the ability to control the content is very key," said Sue Feldman, director of the document and content technology program at IDC, in Framingham, Mass. "Making [content management] easy is really important because administrators, department managers, and content creators shouldn't have to do technical efforts [such as] HTML coding. That is not their job."

Version 3.5 of Participant Server includes Site Generator, a browser-based point-and-click interface with predefined components, and templates that let administrators easily build Web sites for content management applications, according to Kathy Kessel, vice president of marketing at Eprise.

"The point-and-click functionality lets enterprises quickly set up different levels of content navigation and define who will contribute to and view the content and what are the specific permissions allowed. This lets enterprises focus on content management applications from a business usage scenario," Kessel said.

Version 3.5 features integration with Microsoft Word, which enables users to create Word documents in the content management system.

Content Connector, another new feature, is designed to allow content from any ODBC-compliant database to be managed by the same workflow processes that control other types of content.

Eprise also added to its professional services offerings the Intranet Advantage Services Package, which helps enterprises tailor content, permissions, and approval processes for their intranet sites.

Eprise Participant Server Version 3.5 will be available later this quarter on Windows NT and Windows 2000 and Sun Solaris 2.8, priced starting at $70,000. The Intranet Advantage Services Packages pricing starts at $30,000.

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