B-to-B player SpaceWorks reportedly shuts down

By Heather Harreld, InfoWorld |  Business

SPACEWORKS, A SELL-SIDE business-to-business e-commerce player with high-profile customers like BF Goodrich and Maytag, has shut down operations after two institutional investors backed out of a fifth round of financing, according to a former employee and a published report.

The Rockville, Md.-based company announced Tuesday to its 150 employees that it would be shutting its doors immediately after GE Capital Equity and Columbia Capital's last-minute decision not to invest $10 million, according to a former employee, who asked not to be identified. The shutdown also is being reported in The Washington Post.

The company had been due to announce the funding next week. SpaceWorks had previously received $56 million in funding.

SpaceWorks' technology is designed to automate all the mission-critical activities involved in b-to-b selling, including ordering, marketing, and billing. The solution is designed to integrate with back-end systems, e-marketplaces, and user procurement networks to enable real-time transactions.

SpaceWorks clients include Avaya, GE Aircraft Engines, and Pratt & Whitney. The company had formed alliances with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), webMethods, and Commerce One.

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