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By Maggie Biggs, InfoWorld |  Networking

On the horizon: Future of wireless technology

This is an ideal time for CTOs and other business leaders to develop a strategy to take advantage of forthcoming wireless technologies. Early adopters are already using existing technologies, but expected improvements in bandwidth, devices, and application support will make wireless technologies highly viable for general deployment in the next two to three years.

IT leaders who want to use wireless technologies to boost business-to-business interaction will need to wait a little longer. Current plans for 4G wireless technology hold the promise of greater data transmission speeds, but 4G isn't expected until sometime between 2005 and 2010. 4G implementations will enable broadband wireless application access and interaction. Meanwhile, the time frame between 3G and 4G is the time to strategize b-to-b with wireless.

For now, companies should consider how they can get the most out of wireless technologies, beginning with 2.5G for early adopters, and should develop piloting strategies between 2.5G and 3G. It is clear that business-to-consumer benefits as well as infrastructure improvements will be found in wireless technologies in the next two to three years.

Maturing wireless technologies will also yield another attribute. The very nature of mobile data and application access promises to enhance the way we do business by removing the location-based constraints that often prove a hindrance today. On the downside, integrating wireless technologies within companies and between business partners will introduce some new challenges for strategists. How are you preparing for the next phase of wireless technologies?

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