Intel exec calls data center next frontier

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In a preview of his Thursday morning keynote address at LinuxWorld Expo in New York, Intel Corp.'s Will Swope, general manager of the company's solutions enabling group, on Wednseday said Linux developers should view the data center as the "next frontier" for the open-source operating system.

In a phone conversation, Swope said Linux has become mature enough to begin leveraging its success in front-end servers and to expand into the data center.

"Linux has done a spectacular job of dealing with the front end," Swope said. "Now there is a real economic opportunity for Linux to move to the middle and the back end."

Swope said he will use his keynote speech to encourage Linux developers to act quickly in readying Linux for data centers and application servers. He cited progress being made by Sun Microsystems, who Swope considers to be the competitor of Linux, as reason to proceed rapidly. Sun's progress in database and application serving, where Linux could be the most powerful, was "one huge, glaring reason" to work fast, Swope said.

Swope said that during his keynote he will offer a "visionary speech for the industry" and not pitch Intel as a company. However, he did say, "we're going to continue to work our tail off to have the Intel systems optimized with Linux technology."

"If someone wants to run Linux on Intel, we want to make sure they can do it," Swope said.

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