Visual Networks monitors DSL, VPN links

By Tim Greene, Network World |  Networking

Visual Networks' monitoring software will soon make it easier for

service providers and enterprises to troubleshoot problems with DSL and

VPN services.

Visual's Visual IP InSight software this summer will include

software that distinguishes IP problems on a connection from problems

with the physical link itself, the company announced at


The software consists of an agent that runs on an end user's Windows

PC and on a server in the provider's network where customer data is

gathered and stored. Network managers can access summaries of traffic

in and out of a customer's machine.

The company says enterprises might use the VPN monitoring to sort

out problems remote users encounter when they connect to corporate

headquarters through VPN tunnels. For example, a customer connected via

a DSL link to a VPN might have trouble connecting. Using Visual IP

InSight 5.5, the provider can see whether the problem is caused by the

DSL link to the Internet or with the VPN tunnel being created across

the Internet.

Earlier releases of the software could perform similar analysis on

dial-up connections.

The same data collected in reports can verify whether service

providers meet service-level agreements on DSL and VPN services.

The DSL software, called Broadband Advisor, determines whether a

connection is PPP over Ethernet or PPP over ATM, how fast the

connection is, the number of call failures, the time to connect to the

network, and information about the hardware and software configuration

of a user's PC.

The VPN package, called IP-VPN, determines whether connections are

PPTP or IP Security and determines how well the VPN tunnels are


Available in August, IP InSight with the Broadband Suite and IP-VPN

costs $193,000 for a service provider with 10,000 users.

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