Qwest Cyber.Solutions CEO talks ASPs

By Denise Pappalardo, Network World |  Software

Here's the difference. Would you rather work in an IT department of some corporate, windowless back office where they move you to the outskirts of town and you're rarely part of the business? For many years [IT departments] were the last group to get [stock] options or got the smallest raises in the corporation, because it wasn't really viewed as strategic to the company. IT was viewed as a cost center.

That hasn't changed all that much. Certainly they are getting better salaries and they're getting options now. They are being viewed more importantly in the last couple of years because of the nature of IT in the corporate world. But we offer a better value proposition for IT employees because they are the product. IT employees get very excited about being the product, not the cost center.

How many customers do you have now? And what's the general make up of your customer base?

One hundred and forty customers. Some have anywhere from 10 seats to 5,000 seats. In terms of sizes of deals with each customer, we've had deals in the low thousands to the tens of millions.

From a network perspective, are you only offering customers Qwest services or do they have choices?

We have one client that has lots of international sites and Qwest couldn't reach them all, so we used Qwest partners to reach all of their sites.

But in general, you're recommending Qwest?

Yes. Because it's a homogeneous network.

Are you guys planning an IPO any time soon?

Yeah, we talk about it a lot. But there hasn't been any decision made as to when.

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