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By Tim Greene, Network World |  Networking

Filanet is introducing a larger version of its initial VPN product that is designed to handle VPNs as well as other applications for small offices.

The InterJak 200 is the latest offering that combines a firewall, router and VPN tunnel server. Later this year, the company plans to offer software packages that can add more functions, including content filtering, e-mail, monitoring of remote traffic going over the WAN, and backups of local PCs to a separate hard drive through the InterJak.

The idea behind the device is to give customers the ability to easily set up and manage a range of applications in a small office, and then manage them remotely. Filanet says it intends service providers to latch onto the device to support bundles of services for small businesses that cannot afford the IT staff to set up and run these services themselves.

The InterJak devices can be configured by a service provider or corporate IT staff, then shipped directly to the branch office where local, nontechnical staff would plug them into the local network. Filanet says configuring InterJak is simple enough that end users might do it themselves, even if they lack technical training.

The InterJak 200 costs $645 for the base model, $795 if it supports either symmetric DSL or asymmetric DSL, and $695 if it supports ISDN. The base model must connect to a separate WAN access device or router.

For Linux lovers, these boxes are based on a Linux operating system, and all the applications are open-source as well.

This is a pretty young company, and it is still fleshing out the features on its InterJak product, so if you are interested in using them soon, you’ll want to check out their gear carefully. You will be creating its track record.

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