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By Tim Greene, Network World |  Development

Zone Labs may well become part of your VPN vocabulary. The security vendor doesn’t make a VPN product, but it is forming alliances with VPN vendors, in particular those that make VPN products for small or home offices.

Users in small or home offices often find it difficult to configure a VPN client with a firewall made by another vendor. To get around that problem, VPN vendors are teaming up with firewall vendors to ensure their products are compatible. This paves the way for a smooth installation. It can come in handy for the technically knowledgeable, by speeding the provisioning process for equipment sent into the field. It is also a plus for hapless neophytes assigned to getting their own equipment up and running.

The company is announcing that its ZoneAlarm Pro security software is compatible with Radguard’s cIPro VPN client, ensuring that small offices connecting to VPNs via the Radguard software will have a fully interoperable firewall and other protection to go with it. The ZoneAlarm-cIPro bundle is available now.

Zone has also announced it is working with SafeNet to make ZoneAlarm compatible with SafeNet VPN products, which include SafeNet/Soft PK, its VPN client.

In addition to supplying a firewall, ZoneAlarm also scans e-mail attachments for up to 37 different suspicious file extensions. ZoneAlarm includes an application control feature that alerts users when an application is attempting to use the Internet. This is designed to prevent Trojan horse applications from reconnecting with their senders.

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