CA finds mobile mgmt. partners

By Denise Dubie, Network World |  Networking

"[Its] partners bring a lot of device management capabilities," she says. "What CA brings to the picture is wireless management under a single enterprise infrastructure management umbrella."

Bob Lonadier, a Hurwitz analyst, says CA's partnerships could be significant in furthering the adoption of wireless technology in the U.S. CA stands out from competitors in the net management market by offering many ways to manage wireless networks, and differentiates itself in the wireless market with more proven software expertise than vendors such as 724 Solutions or F-Secure.

"The barriers for wireless adoption [at least in the U.S.] have not been lack of infrastructure management but the lack of applications," Lonadier says. "To the extent that CA's partner announcements can help promote application development, this will encourage adoption of wireless applications and therefore CA's management infrastructure."

The fruits of CA's new partnerships are available immediately.

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