Edge briefs, 03/26/01

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Avici Systems and Orchestream last week announced that Orchestream's modeling software now supports Avici routers. This support will let network operators turn up IP VPN and Differentiated Services with Avici routers in the core, and Nortel Networks and Cisco routers at the edge. Services will be based on Multi-protocol Label Switching and other quality-of-service features.

Avici: www.avici.com; Orchestream: www.orchestream.com

Fujitsu Network Communications last week announced it is supplying Integra Telecom with more transport equipment to build out its network. Integra will deploy Fujitsu's Flash SONET and dense wave division multiplexing transport equipment in several of its new networks in Oregon and Washington. Fujitsu will provide its Flash2400 ADX, Flash600 ADX, and Flash-192 equipment to connect Integra's regional hub switches with collocated facilities in Qwest Communications central offices. The equipment will be ready for commercial service by the second quarter.

Fujitsu: www.fnc.fujitsu.com; Integra: www.linkport.com

Village Networks and OMM, a supplier of photonic switching subsystems based on MicroElectroMechanical Systems technology, last week announced plans to develop an optical subsystem architecture for scaling metropolitan and regional nets.

The subsystem will let Village Networks' iOPN2000 optical packet switch scale to a 64-by-64 switch matrix using two-dimensional MEMS technology. The iOPN2000 is in trials with major carriers.

Village Networks: www.villagenetworks.com ; OMM: www.omminc.com

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