NAB: Media 100 looks to improve video quality

By Jason Meserve, Network World |  Software

Media 100 is looking to speed the encoding process of streaming media with this week's announcement of Cleaner XL here at the National Association of Broadcasters conference.

Cleaner XL is based on Media 100's Cleaner technology, which takes as input a variety of audio and video formats and encodes them for DVDs, streaming media and other uses. The XL version adds Media 100's new CrystalICE hardware board to help accelerate the tedious process of encoding media.

"Most of users were asking for a faster version of Cleaner 5, so we've added the hardware component to get up to five times the performance of the software-only product," says Steve Larochelle, product manager at Marlborough, Mass.-based Media 100.

The CrystalICE board handles most of the image processing capabilities with specialized chips, saving a computer's main CPU to do other tasks. Like Cleaner 5, the XL version supports all the major media formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media and RealNetworks RealMedia.

Cleaner XL will be available this summer for $5,995.

The company also announced it would offer Media 100 ICE and ICE Ultra boards for users of Adobe After Affects 5. The boards will help accelerate the processing video effects developed in After Affects.

Boards for the Macintosh platform are currently available for $3,750. Windows 2000-compatible boards will be available this summer.

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