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MTI Technology has just launched a storage server with storage-area network and network-attached storage connections.

The MTI Vivant V35 storage server has eight Fibre Channel RAID I/O engines and an upper capacity of 12 terabytes. It can be connected into a SAN or NAS environment and can handle Unix Network File System or Microsoft Common Internet File System data.

The V35 uses Gigabit Ethernet to connect to the LAN. It can support up to 40 Fibre Channel connections to servers and has either four or eight 10/100M bit/sec Ethernet connections. The V35 can connect via 16 Fibre Channel ports to 10,000 RPM 36 or 73 G-byte drives.

Like other MTI storage arrays, the V35 supports multiple simultaneous RAID levels, has hot spare disk drives and a mirror cache for redundancy. It works in UNIX, HP, Sun and Windows NT/2000 networks.

The Vivant V35 starts at $800,000 and will be available in February.

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