RedCreek hit by Cyber IQ failure

By Tim Greene, Network World |  Business

RedCreek Communications has hit a huge rut in the comeback trail with the failure of Cyber IQ Systems, a partner that was supposed to supply technology for RedCreek to reestablish itself among VPN vendors.

Cyber IQ went belly-up earlier this month because investors backed out after the company suffered a weak fourth quarter last year, according to Cyber IQ's CEO Bill Schroeder.

Nonetheless, RedCreek plans to stick with the defunct company's products to deliver high-capacity load balancing and failover to its high-end Ravlin 7160 VPN gateway.

The gateway is designed for corporate central sites that demand reliable uptime for high-volume VPN access. Cyber IQ's HyperFlow 3 Layer 3 switches will be teamed with Ravlin 7160s to enable fault-tolerant VPN hubs. RedCreek calls the combination ReD i-Cluster.

RedCreek says it will buy up all of Cyber IQ's HyperFlow 3 inventory and has rights to keep manufacturing the product even with Cyber IQ out of business. RedCreek also has plans to integrate the Cyber IQ technology in the same hardware platform with the Ravlin.

RedCreek scrambled last year trying to beef up its staff after an exodus of talent. The alliance with Cyber IQ and the purchase of policy management software maker Internet Dynamics were steps the company took to propel itself among VPN leaders.


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