CA back-up software ships with Red Hat Linux

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Red Hat and Computer Associates last week announced that a trial version of CA's back-up software would be included with each copy of Red Hat Linux 7.

ARCserveIT 6.61 for Linux provides back-up and restore functionality to a number of devices and tape libraries. It has a Web-based interface that allows network administrators of heterogeneous networks to back up Windows NT, Windows 2000, NetWare, Unix or Linux servers from a single management interface. ARCserveIT already runs on Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera and TurboLinux versions of the operating system.

Computer Associates got into Linux development at the beginning of this year. The company's CA Unicenter-TNG runs on Red Hat and SuSE Linux. CA's virus protection package, InoculateIT, also runs on Linux networks. The company also has a range of services to help companies to install and deploy Linux in their enterprises.

The trial copy of ARCserveIT for Red Hat Linux can be upgraded to a full Advanced Edition when needed. ARCserveIT for Linux costs $1,400 per server and is available immediately.

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