GlobalCenter deal gives Exodus boost

By Michael Martin, Network World |  Networking

"Having to go out and constantly get agreements adds to your cost structure," says Melanie Posey, an analyst with market research firm IDC in Framingham, Mass. "With Global Crossing, they're getting better pricing and guaranteed bandwidth."

Posey says the integration of Exodus and GlobalCenter should go fairly smoothly, and customers of both companies should experience no ill effects.

"If you look at GlobalCenter, it's more of the same for Exodus," she explains. "They're just adding scale and scope."

Dataquestt's Leong also feels there will be little customer impact. Most high-end GlobalCenter clients have dedicated account personnel serving them, and those account people will be making the move to Exodus, she says.

Also, Leong notes, neither Exodus nor GlobalCenter is highly standardized on any particular server platform, so customers of both providers will likely be able to stick with the systems they're running on.

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